Alarm System


Door / Window Sensor

Get notified when a door or window is open/closed.

Indoor Motion Sensor

Get notified when motion is detected.

Outdoor Motion Sensor

Get notified when motion is detected around your property.

Garage Door Sensor

Check or receive an alert when garage door is open or closed.

Water Sensor

Be notified instantly whenever water leak is detected.

Keychain Remote

Control your Alarm System with a Keychain Remote.


Arm/Disarm  the alarm system with a 4 digit passcode on the keypad.

Outdoor Solar Siren

A loud alarm and birght light wil go off when alarm is triggered.

Video Monitoring


Wireless Indoor Camera

The IP-Camera makes it easy to check on your kids after school or watch your pet at play – right on your mobile phone.


Wireless Pan & Tilt Camera

Remotely pan & tilt live video and keep an eye on a larger area when you receive a notification on your Smartphone.


Wireless Outdoor Camera

Keep a close watch on your property with the wireless outdoor cameras and record live videos directly on your smartphone.

Home Automation


Indoor Plug

Allows you to control lights, electronics, and small appliances from anywhere.

Module Switch

Install an In-line module in a fixture box to control the lights or fan from any location in the home.

Screw-In Dimmer

Easiest way to make your light bulb smart.

TD Remote

Deluxe Remote Control

Remotely control home appliances and lighting through out the house. Built-in timer allows you to program on / off schedules.

Wireless wall switch

Wireless Wall Switch

Wireless Wall Switch can be placed anywhere in the house without running any wires. Makes it easy to have a switch at the location you want.